I have a feature article in the November issue of Qantas: The Australian Way inflight magazine, available online at the Qantas website 


It’s about an epic outback drive the Qantas airline creators Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinnis took in 1919, taking a Model T across the Gulf of Carpentaria to survey potential airfields for pilots in the England-Australia Air Race.

The trip gave them the idea that aviation would solve a lot of the outback’s transport problems, and they went on to found Queensland & Northern Territory Aerial Services (QANTAS) a couple of years later.

The trip was re-enated by Qantas A380 pilot Don Hill earlier this year. Don told me that although the narrow wheels of the Model T meant it got bogged a lot more than a modern car would, overall it gave them far less trouble (and flat tyres) than the 4WD they took as a support vehicle.