The Artist – a silent film that, like the originals, is never truly silent, speaking volumes in its own unique way. The use of sound is judicious and inventive, especially the dream sequence – and what a soundtrack! Altogether a playful, joyful, uplifting masterpiece.

With its feather-light touch, The Artist dives deeply and works on many levels, as a tribute to cinema, to time passing, to the joy of life and the darkness, to new beginnings and the unquenchable human spirit.

Notice that when sound came in, almost overnight every fashion victim pretended the silents had absolutely no value anymore, even though they found much in them to enjoy beforehand. People seem to be doing that now with ebooks and real books.

If books are George and the e-book is the talkie… well, look what won the Oscar 80 years after its supposed death – the silent! I can’t believe we will ever let real books die out. Books are like George dancing into the new era, nothing can stop them. Each page opening is his smile.