Saturday August 11 is National Bookshop Day in Australia – the day to show some support for your local bookshop. If you don’t support them they will wither away in the glaring supernova of online retail and kindles and another nail goes in the coffin of community.

So I am going to put in a good word for some of the great bookshops of King Street, Newtown.

Josephine Pennicott signs copies of her novel Poet’s Cottage at Better Dead Than Read bookshop

BETTER DEAD THAN READ: This is an excellent bookshop open late seven days and right next to the Dendy Cinema in King Street Newtown. They have a room for book clubs to meet and they promote local authors so of course they are especially valued and appreciated for the extra mile they go.

ELIZABETH’S: Just a few doors up from Better Dead, Elizabeth’s is a mostly (but not all) second-hand bookshop with all kinds of interesting books. I’ve made a lot of great finds here over the years.

GOULD’S BOOK ARCADE: Bob Gould, who died recently, was a real character and his huge rambling labyrinth of a bookshop lives on after him. Some darker corners of the book-crammed alleyways in his shop are probably unmapped – here be tygers, or dragons…. There’s almost too many books for the mind to comprehend, often teetering in mad jumbles. But it adds to the atmosphere. The answer to ‘t00-many’ is simple – dive in and you might be able to lighten their load by buying some! It’s a win-win. Gould’s is at the city end of King Street, near where Queen Street crosses.