As an Anzac Day special, I’m being interviewed by Graeme Kemlo this afternoon on Melbourne’s J-Air 87.8FM about a remarkable World War Two veteran we both had the privilege of knowing. Graeme talks to me about Brian Walpole, sadly no longer with us, a commando in New Guinea and undercover Z Special Unit operative who joined headhunters to wage guerrilla warfare behind Japanese lines in the Borneo jungle.

MY WARIn 2004 I collaborated with Brian on his gripping memoir, My War: Life Is For Living (ABC Books, 2004). Shortly afterwards, Graeme accompanied Brian on his first and only return visit to Borneo (Sarawak).

BROADCAST: Today (April 25), 5-7pm AEST, J-Air 87.8FM Melbourne.

PODCAST: On Soundcloud – click here

Hunt down a copy of My War if you’re interested in military, Australian or South-East Asian history, the Pacific theatre of WW2 or true adventure tales. It’s a wild ride.

Finally, the video interview with Brian I co-produced for the Australians At War Film Archive is now available to view on the internet here