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NSW’s WILD WEST– On the bushranger trail in outback New South Wales

GREAT BARRIER REEF  –  Superlative scuba diving at Attenborough-approved Heron and Lady Elliot Islands

LIZARD ISLAND – Marine biology in action on Lizard Island Research Station (Queensland)

MINKE WHALES – Snorkel with mysterious minkes (and the scientists studying them) on the Great Barrier Reef

BONE RANGERS– Dinosaur hunting in outback Queensland

WHALE SHARKS – Swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef (Western Australia)

GREAT WHITE SHARKS – Seafloor cage-diving at the Neptune Islands (South Australia)

AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL – An innovative new permanent WW1 exhibition

RUSSELL CROWE– Talks about his directorial debut

BIRDS AUSTRALIA – Volunteering in remote bird sanctuaries

KOALAS – National treasure in deep trouble

PAST & PRESENCE: Bathurst – Bathurst is an ideal launchpad for touring Central Western NSW.

A FLOOD OF BARGAINS – Visiting Venice during aqua alta flood season

COOBER PEDY – Opals and outback magnificence

DIARY APRIL 2015 – What’s on around Australia this month

DIARY JANUARY 2012 – What’s on around Australia this month

FESTIVALS ON THE MARCH – A National Roundup of Arts Festivals this month

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